Develop inner qualities

Make an effort to give up vices and develop qualities. Those who spend their time waxing their physical bodies to attract attention are like ferromagnetic metals. These metals are not of high value. However, metals such as gold and silver don’t attract magnets. Their inner values are pricey.

If your goal is to shine like gold inwardly, cultivate values such as gratitude, optimism, appreciation, compassion, generosity, patience, calmness, and tolerance. To be valuable for the wellness of humanity, make a habit of developing inner qualities.


True believer

Many believe that to show love they must carry their bible all the time, and attend regular religious services. They follow blindly the practicing rules laid down by their religious organizations but do not care too much for their brothers/sisters. Does God really concern about their attendance in church or their knowledge of the bible?

To be a true believer, we must be able to deny ourselves and take up our cross. Denying ourselves is to give unconditional love and compassion. The best way to take up our cross is to ignore the greediness of our ego energies and be willing to share with those in need.



Being thankful is just as important to our success and happiness as being positive. Being thankful is the culmination of a positive attitude since a positive attitude leads us to something for which to be thankful. Thankfulness is positivity having come into fruition. Therefore, thankfulness is a demonstration of faith realized. Having a thankful attitude as we go through our day can be as helpful in realizing our goals and dreams, as anything we can have in our consciousness.

Dr. Paul Leon Masters


When someone accepts to fulfill his divine mission, others do their best to block him/her. Envy has always been cancer to destroy new ideas. We are allergic to changes.

Disciples of truth should not let dark forces kill the germs of love that sprout into their hearts and grow for the benefits of humanity. To fulfill your divine mission, bend like reeds, but never break.